How to Navigate Roles and Permissions Site in Zimyo HRMS

Welcome to the Roles and permissions section of the employee module.

1.) Here, you can assign or revoke access control to the employees for the apps and configure the roles, menus, and permissions.

2.) You can see the entire list of employees active in the company.

3.) To the right of the names, you can see certain headers.

4.) These headers correspond to the various aspects of the HRMS system that the employees have access to

5.) By clicking on a checkbox, you can assign a specific role to a employee. By clicking on the drop-down menu that then appears, you can edit various aspects of the role they have been given.

6.)You can also restrict specific permissions if you do not want to give someone full access.

7.) Depending on the module, you can assign specific roles available for that specific module.

8.) Click on the top right icon to open filters.
Here, you can filter employees by specific designations and roles.

9.) When you have finished applying the filters,
Click close to see the results.

10.) Please refer to the attached video for better learning

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Updated on June 13, 2023
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