How to configure the Workflows in Zimyo HRMS ?

Workflow configuration can be done with different customized conditions as per your requirements depending upon the process and employee properties as given below.

Process Properties: Process properties may include conditions related to the respective property like for Leave: leave type, leave count, leave balance, applied date, leave rule, leave type etc. These conditions will be specific to the selected property type. · Employee Properties: Employee properties may include conditions related to location, entity, designation, gender, marital status, branch, RM, employment status etc.

Approval Levels: You can create one or more approval levels if you want multiple approving authorities to approve.

Step 1: click on Add Approver , select the approver from the dropdown list as shown above in the screen , we can configure Pending , Approved & Rejected level . now fill the CC Email by clicking on the dropdown list .

Step 2 : now configure the Trigger Email & Approval Email by clicking on the dropdown , it shows the list of Email templates created in the email library.

Step 3 : You can configure and edit the applicability here, i.e. to whom the workflow will be applicable. as shown above in the screen .
You can also set reminders for pending requests and applicability (applicable to organization, entity, department, region, zone, location etc.) for the workflow in the settings section as shown above .
And finally you can publish the request workflow and it will be automated as per the configurations set by you.

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Updated on May 24, 2023
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