In HRMS, a workflow denotes a structured sequence of interconnected processes designed to facilitate the orderly completion of tasks within human resource management. It encompasses the step-by-step progression of activities, approvals, and notifications, ensuring the effective handling of diverse HR processes like recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, and offboarding. Workflows play a crucial role in automating and streamlining HR operations, enhancing accuracy, transparency, and overall efficiency in managing an organization’s human capital.

Configure Workflow

In workflow configuration, the admin has the ability to establish multiple workflows for various HR processes like leave, regularization, work from home, on duty, short leave, and more. 

The admin can create these workflows by providing a workflow title and selecting the trigger for which they want to set up the workflow. 

Clicking on the three dots, displayed on the right side of the workflow list, enables the admin to edit the created workflows.

Configure workflow

Clicking on the three dots allows the admin to create the workflow. The admin can configure approval levels and applicability in settings and review the workflow history

workflow configuration

Email Library

The email library serves as a central repository where the admin can generate multiple email templates, eliminating the need to recreate them each time. Clicking on “Create New” allows the admin to configure and create new email templates for various purposes like appointment letters, offer letters and birthday wishes, ultimately saving time.

View, create and edit email templates that will be triggered as per the mapped workflow by clicking on the three dots given on the right side of the screen.

email library

Email Notification

Email notifications refer to automated messages sent via email to inform users about important events, updates, or actions within the system. 

These notifications help keep users, such as employees, managers, or administrators, informed about various HR processes, including leave approvals, onboarding status, performance reviews, and other relevant activities like daily incomplete minimum hours etc.

Email notifications enhance communication, streamline processes, and ensure timely awareness of critical HR events.

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Email notification