Overview : Configurations

Time and Attendance Configuration in Zimyo HRMS empowers the admin with the ability to manage workflows, customize settings, and mandate employee adherence. It ensures operational efficiency, data precision, and seamless integration with payroll, streamlining leave and attendance processes for a comprehensive organizational overview and enhanced effectiveness in time-related functions.

To handle configurations in time and attendance, the admin should follow these steps.

Begin by logging into your Zimyo Account, directing you to the “All Apps” screen. Subsequently, click on the “Time and Attendance” tab located in the left column of the screen. As shown below in the screen.

Configurations (time and Attendance)

Upon clicking “Time and Attendance” the admin is directed to the “Configuration” section.

Holiday Settings

In the Holiday Settings, the admin should click on “Manage” leading them to a screen where they can set limits on restricted holidays and restrict employees from applying for restricted holidays before a specified number of days.

Enable Single Date For Work From Home

Enabling the “Single Date for Work From Home” feature directly affects the Employee Self-Service Portal. This setting restricts employees from adding multiple dates when applying for work from home.

Enable Single Date For Leave

Enabling the “Single Date for Apply Leave” feature directly impacts the Employee Self-Service Portal. This setting restricts employees from adding multiple dates when applying for leave. Disabling it allows employees to add multiple dates for applying  leave.

Enable Apply Multiple Date For On-Duty

 Activating this feature, the admin grants employees the ability to choose multiple dates when applying for “On Duty.” Employees can easily access the option to add dates for such requests through the Employee Self-Service portal.

Enable Range Input For On Duty

Enabling This feature allows employees to choose a range of dates when applying for “On Duty” through the ESS Portal.

Note💡 : In the scenario where the admin has activated both the “Range Input for On Duty” and “Apply Multiple Dates for On Duty,” the system will prioritize the option of applying multiple dates for On Duty.

Calculate Hours Flexibly in the fixed shift

Enabling this feature grants the admin the ability to offer flexibility in fixed shift timings for employees. For instance, if an employee arrives 30 minutes early and departs 30 minutes before the end of the shift, enabling this function will calculate their working hours flexibly. 

Enable On Duty future date

Enabling this feature allows employees to apply for on-duty for future dates.

Enable Regularization Notification For Employees

Enabling this feature allows the admin to send regularization notifications to employees. In the dropdown menu, the admin can also specify the number of days for which they wish to send the notification

Enable Reminder Notification For Approvers

Enabling this feature prompts the system to send reminder notifications to approvers for the approval of requests like leave, WFH, On Duty, regularization, etc. Admins can set a specific date of the month for sending these notifications by filling in the designated block on the right side of the screen.

Show employee calendar based on

This feature enables the admin to choose between two options for viewing the employee calendar: the monthly cycle and the payroll cycle.


Note💡 : In payroll, the admin typically establishes the payroll cycle based on specific needs. For instance, the admin might set a payroll cycle from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next, while the monthly cycle follows the standard terms from the 1st to the 30th of each month. That will be visible on the calendar according to the choice of the admin.


Allow Employees to Cancel Approved Leave Requests

  Activating this feature by the admin permits employees to delete their approved requests. The process unfolds after an employee submits a request, and the admin approves it from the “Request Section.” Once the request is approved, employees gain the ability to take necessary actions.

Approver shall be able to delete the request

Activating this setting allows approvers to delete approved, rejected and pending requests. If an approver deletes a request, its value becomes null, necessitating employees to reapply for the same.

Map Roster Location with Shift

Enabling this feature empowers the administrator to associate roster locations with shifts. The functionality requires the admin to activate roster applicability when creating a new shift. When creating the roster and selecting a shift, the “location” option becomes visible. 

Allow Employee to Cancel Approved Attendance

Enabling this setting permits employees to delete their approved attendance. This functionality is effective when creating an attendance approval workflow, where the admin must include the employee’s applicability.

Allow Admin to Cancel Approved Attendance

Enabling this configuration provides the administrator with the ability to revoke approved attendance entries submitted by employees. 

For instance, if the approved attendance setting is activated in the Mobile app settings, requiring approval for marking attendance after punching, and an employee submits a request that is subsequently approved, this setting allows the admin to delete the approved request even after its approval.

Admin can Delete Approved Leave Request

Activating this feature grants the admin the ability to delete approved leave requests, specifically when the request involves all the required approvers, allowing for enhanced administrative control.

Admin can Delete Employee Attendance

Enabling this feature provides the admin with the capability to delete employee attendance. The process involves accessing the employee’s calendar, selecting the employee, and utilizing the Action button that appears post-selection. This action button offers the option to “Delete Attendance.”

Trigger Email to Employees for Late Arrival/Clock-in

Enabling this feature empowers the admin to send trigger emails to employees for late arrivals or clock-ins.

Club With All Devices Punches

Enabling this function grants employees the flexibility to record attendance through various means, including biometric devices, web interfaces, or mobile apps.

Restrict Attendance Modification to Admin only

Enabling this function imposes restrictions on everyone, including managers and reporting managers, preventing them from modifying employee attendance.

Enable Reporting Manager to Manage Employee Roster

Enabling this feature grants reporting managers the authority to oversee and manage the employee roster. Enabling this setting directly by clicking “Others” in the ESS portal empowers Reporting Managers to apply rosters for their respective teams.

Enable Reporting Manager to Change Employee Location

Enabling this function permits Admin to authorize Reporting Managers to adjust their team’s locations as needed.

 RMs can access this feature through the ESS portal by selecting the “Other” button at the top of the screen and navigating to the roster.

 Within the Employee Details section, RMs can make location changes in a predefined roster.

Enable Trip

Enabling the trip feature allows employees in the field to avail of this functionality under the admin’s authorization.

Note💡 : The Trip feature operates exclusively through the mobile app, utilizing GPS location tracking for precise results.

Enable single-punch regularization restriction

Enabling this feature imposes a restriction by the admin on employees for single-punch regularization. Admin mandates that regularization requests must be initiated after a single punch.

Team attendance should also display reportee's reportees attendance

Enabling this feature grants senior managers the ability to view the attendance of their subordinates(Attendance access of executive-level Employees

Late Arrival Time

By defining a grace period for late arrivals, the admin allows employees some flexibility.

 For instance, with a 30-minute late arrival window, employees can be delayed within this timeframe from their scheduled shift before deductions are applied. It will be visible on the Employee calendar which shows that he/she is late.

Restrict Employees to Regularise Attendance Within

This configuration enables the restriction of employees from regularizing attendance beyond a specified number of days.

Restrict Employees to Apply Work From Home Request Within

In a scenario where an employee forgets to apply for work from home or apply late, the admin can enable this setting to allow retroactive application even after the work-from-home period has commenced.

Restrict Employees to Apply On-Duty Request Within

Admin can restrict employees to apply for on-duty requests within “N” number of days.

Restrict Employees to Apply Leave on “n” Date of Every Month

This setting empowers the admin to limit employees from applying for leave before the Nth date of each month.

 For example, if the admin sets the deadline as the 30th of every month, employees can apply for leave before the 30th, but afterwards, leaves may not be applicable and will be restricted automatically by the system.