Overview : Sandwich Rule

Consider a scenario where a public holiday falls on a Friday. To enjoy a mini-vacation spanning four days, including the weekends, you apply for leave on Thursday, utilizing only one day from your annual quota. Yet, upon review, they request your confirmation that all four days of leave will be deducted from your yearly allowance.


In your company, the sandwich leave policy is in effect, permitting HR managers to deduct the entire duration of time off, encompassing leaves taken around public holidays, including national holidays and weekends.


How sandwich rule configuration works?

Configuring the Sandwich Rule involves the following steps:

 Log into your Zimyo account and click “Time and Attendance” It will take you to the “Sandwich” section.  As shown below in the screenshot.

Sandwich main screen

Selecting the sandwich tab directs the admin to the basic configuration section.

In the provided screen, the admin can perform various configurations.

Sandwich shall be applicable on

Through this setting, the admin can establish the applicability of the sandwich rule, deciding whether it should apply on week-offs or holidays.

Choose the leave types for which sandwich is applicable

In this configuration, the admin can select the applicable leave on which the sandwich rule should be enforced by clicking the dropdown menu.

If the employee is absent on one side and takes leave on the other side adjoining holiday/week-off

Activate this setting to empower the admin to apply sandwich rules when an employee is absent on one side and takes leave on the other side, adjoining a holiday or week-off.

If the employee is absent on both side adjoining holiday/week-off

By activating this setting, the admin gains the ability to apply the sandwich rule when an employee is absent on both sides adjoining a holiday or week-off.

If there is no remaining balance , use the below leave types to sandwich week offs/holidays as per priority order

This setting empowers the admin to establish the hierarchy of leaves applicable for the sandwich rule. For instance, if the admin sets the hierarchy as casual leave, paid leave, and sick leave, and the casual leave is exhausted, the sandwich rule will be applicable on paid leaves.

Sandwich deduction

Check Version History

Clicking on the “Check Version History” feature provides the admin with a comprehensive overview of all the changes made to the sandwich rule configurations.