Organization Chart


In Zimyo HRMS, users can customize the organization chart by logging in and going to the Admin page. In the “Organization” section, under “Other Settings,” users can set the highest hierarchy employee and default organization chart. The hierarchy is then visible in the “Employee” section under “Org Chart.”

Org Chart Settings

To configure organization chart settings, the admin should navigate to the Organization section, access the configuration, and click on “Other Settings” where they’ll find “Employee Data Visibility Control.” In this section, the admin can manage org chart settings.

 Clicking on “Manage” allows the admin to specify the employee with the highest hierarchy for the organization chart.

Org Chart settings

Organization Chart

These configurations directly impact the organization chart, defining the hierarchy structure. The Org Chart provides a comprehensive tree map view of the organizational hierarchy based on these settings.

Organization chart

In the Organization Chart, administrators gain a holistic view of the hierarchical structure based on designations. Filters can be applied for specific departments and entities. Clicking on “Expand” allows administrators to view the entire organizational structure.