Overview : Import

In this section, the admin can upload various reports, including leave and attendance, arrears, benefits, taxation, and more.
First, the admin needs to select the designated report section they wish to upload.

Clicking on the specific report will direct the admin to a screen where they can download the report template


The template is in CSV format and contains prebuilt fields. After filling out the template, the admin can upload the completed report to the portal.

For example, if the admin wants to upload an Arrear report in bulk, they need to select the specific report, download the template, fill in the relevant data, and upload it in the designated section.

Import download

Now, select the structure and download the report template. Fill in the relevant data and upload it as shown in the screen below.

Upload Reversal

This section enables the admin to modify reports for a specific month or a range of months. The admin must select the reversal type, such as bonus, overtime, arrear days, loans, or advances.

Based on this selection, the necessary adjustments can be made. Choosing the upload reversal type opens options to select the entity, month-year, designation, department, etc.

After selecting all the fields, clicking the search button will provide the refined data for the admin to make changes.

Reversal Upload