How can a KYC authentic user apply for NPS using the Zimyo web application?

1. If your organization has activated the Tax saving plans or NPS, then you can easily apply for the scheme simply by logging into your Zimyo account. This will navigate you to the main dashboard. 

2. Click on “Benefits” from the main dashboard menu on the left side of the screen. This will take you to the following page: 

3. From the top tab click on “Tax Savings”. This will take you to the following page: 

4. From here click on the “Apply Now” button. The following popup will appear. 

5. Click on “Ok” to proceed further. Once you click on “Ok” you will be directed to the following landing page: 

6. On the Home page, a form has been displayed with two required fields. PAN Number and date of Birth(DoB registered with PAN Card). 

7. If a user is a KYC authentic user, OTP will be shared once you click on the “Invest Now option” to your registered mobile number(registered with PAN Card). Here, if a user is not having the same number registered with PAN Card, he/she has been provided with the option to share his/her details and our RM will contact the user to get the number corrected in KYC.

8. The system takes the user to the next screen where all desired fields will be displayed and are pre-filled with the help of KRA API on Non-editable mode. All the details which a user has provided at the time of KYC are shown in the below form. 

9. By clicking on “Click Here, for modification in Information ”- a popup will be shown, stating our team will get back to you in case there is any modification required in the details. Otherwise, the user can continue his/her journey by clicking on the “Continue Button”.

10. On Clicking “Submit” in the main form, below popup will appear, a declaration to enter into Kfintech ’s platform:

11. Once a user lands on the Kfintech platform, the below documents will appear in the checklist. Once a user clicks on the ‘OK’ button, he/she can start his/her journey on Kfintech ’s platform. 

 12.  On Clicking the “OK” button, the following screen will be displayed: 

13. On clicking “Continue”, all the steps will be shown to a user as displayed in the next screen. 

Step 1: Contact Details: 

14. Once a user provides his contact details and clicks on Generate “Acknowledgement Number”, the below receipt will be displayed along with the Ack Number.

Step 2: Address and Account Details 

Step 3: Choosing Fund & Investment Option and Adding Nominee

Step 4: Uploading of Documents

Step 5: Adding of Country and Declaration 

Step 6: Payment Gateway 

Confirmations for making a payment

Payment Status 

Step 7: e-Sign Process 

On providing Aadhaar, OTP will be shared on the registered phone number.

Thank you Message: A user will be redirected to Bajaj Capital’s platform once he/she is done with all the processes. 

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Updated on June 23, 2021
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