How to enable Auto clock in/out, mobile punch, web punch, biometric, selfie etc., on shift and how to check version history of the applied changes ?

As we all know the significance of enabling the options like :-

  • Auto clock in/out – Device auto clocks in/out and marks the attendance as full day everyday
  • Enable web punch – Employees can punch from web version
  • Enable mobile punch – Employees can punch through the Zimyo Mobile app
  • Enable biometric attendance – Attendance will be captured and synced through the biometric devices present at office, integration is required on the initial stage
  • Enable selfie attendance – Attendance will be captured, uploading the selfie
  • Allow shift break – Break option will start reflecting along clock in/out through which employees can take break

Please refer to attached video for better clarification of how to enable it

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Updated on August 14, 2023
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