What is the purpose of a review card in the ATS? How can I create one?

A review card can be used by the people involved in the hiring process to give feedback to the candidate as she/he progresses through the recruitment process. You can set different parameters to rate the candidate. You can create a review card and it will be visible in the candidate profile overview under the reviews section. From there, the interviewer can give ratings to the candidate based on those parameters. 

1. You can create review cards by logging into your ATS account. 

 2. This will take you to the ATS Dashboard. 

3. From the dashboard click on “User name”. The following dropdown will appear.

4. From the dropdown, click on “Settings/Admin”. This will take you to the following screen. 

5. This window can be used for multiple settings. To create a review card click on “Review Card” under the configuration tab. 

6. This will take you to the following screen. From here click on the “Create New” tab. 

7. The following pop-up will appear. Write down the review or feedback and click on “Submit”.

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8. All the parameters you have decided for your review card will appear in the following manner.

9. If you want to know how it works, then you need to click on ‘Job’. It will take you to the following screen. 

10. Click on the candidate you want to give the ratings. This will take you to the following screen.

11. Click on the “Candidate Name”. This will take you to the following screen.

12. From here, click on “Reviews”. This will navigate you to the following screen. 

13. From here, check the “Show Scorecard”. This will expand the screen and you can see all the review cards you have received for a particular job. You can give the ratings for all the parameters set by the hiring manager or recruiter or any other person involved in the hiring process. 

14. Give your ratings and click on Submit. 

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Updated on March 10, 2022
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