How to create emails in the onboarding portal?

1.First, log into your Zimyo Account. 

2.Then, you will land on the all applications page.

3.Click on the tab “HRMS application”.

4. This will take you to the dashboard.

5. Click on the “Others” tab.

6. Click on “Onboarding” in the dropdown menu.

7. This will navigate you to the overview page.

8. From the overview page, click on the “Settings.” tab.

9. On the onboarding menu on the left side of the screen, click on “Configure Emails”.

10. Choose the email you want to send. Click on the selected email.

11. Fill in the required details. You can schedule the email as per your wish. 

12. The system allows you the flexibility to customize your email template. You can either share the draft email or can create your own email content.

13. You can also attach PDF files along with the email. 

14. Follow the same steps for sending other emails such as withdrawal emails, blacklist emails, offer letters, appointment emails, and many more.

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