What if we change the leave rule of an employee in the middle of the month?

Changes on shift, leave rule, or any other employee details can be changed around anytime of the month as desired. However, there are few things we need to keep in mind when changing the leave rule in the middle of the month.

In our Zimyo portal, cron runs for the leave disbursement on the start of the month(i.e., 1st) or last of the month(i.e., 30th or 31st) as per the disbursement time set on the configuration.

So even if we change the leave rule at anytime during the month, the leaves as per the latest leave rule will not be disbursed immediately and will only reflect when the next cron runs which is next following month.

The immediate changes that will reflect is only the leave types which are common on both the previous and the new leave rule, desired changes will automatically reflect the next month.

Please refer to the attached video for better understanding :-

However, if you still want to update the leave balance as per the updated leave rule on the same month, simply do the same by bulk option.

Go to Time & Attendance >> Click on Bulk Update >> select Leave Balance >> download the template selecting the new Leave rule >> submit the updated sheet

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Updated on September 25, 2023
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