What are some HR processes that can be automated?

Some HR processes that can be automated, and frequently done so, using software are:

1. Employee Onboarding #

Using automation can greatly improve the onboarding process for both the employee and the company. The employee onboarding software can collect documents from the employee, raise asset requests, give access to tools, etc. Relevant team members can deliver tech support, and other types of assistance, digitally without having to wait around for the physical presence of the necessary teams. 

2. Leave Request #

Requesting for leaves manually can be a long and tedious process, involving paperwork. This is a waste of company and employee time. HR automation software automates the process and you can also apply leaves directly from the software. 

3. Employee Timesheet #

Tracking the timesheet for every employee manually can be an intimidating and repetitive task that involves a tedious amount of paperwork. It can very easily be automated to make the process easy, smooth, and error-free.

4. Performance Tracking #

Performance tracking is a process undertaken by HR that dynamically measures, tracks, and analyzes the performance of every employee based on various metrics appropriate to the organization’s goals. Doing it manually may not only be a tedious task but can also cause errors and bias. For the sake of transparency, bias, and discrimination-free performance management it’s best to automate the process using performance management software.

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Updated on August 9, 2023
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