What are the top features of HR Automation Software?

Some top features that an HR automation software should have are:

Organization Chart #

This ensures that the hierarchy in the company is clear and transparent. This is important for improving communication within the company.

Customised Workflows #

Employees belong to different teams and perform different roles, and so they may have different workflow needs. A good HR automation software should come with the flexibility to accommodate different users by allowing them to customise their workflow. 

Roles and Permissions #

A good HR automation software should have the capability to assign different roles and permissions to different employees. 

Helpdesk #

The HR management software needs to have a dedicated helpdesk to support the users and solve their problems. 

Employee Directory #

The software can keep track of all information about all employees and their roles efficiently and accurately. It can also dynamically update the list as new employees are added or existing employees have a change in their details. 

Centralised Document Repository #

A company or organisation has to keep track of lots of papers and documents. These can be personal identification documents of employees, contracts, job sheets, etc. It can be extremely tedious to manage all the documents manually. So this is one area in which a good HR automation software needs to perform well. 

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Updated on April 17, 2023
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