What is the Run payroll module in the Zimyo payroll software?

Run Payroll module of Zimyo Payroll software is used to roll out the salaries of the employee.

This module provides the user an easy 3 step process to roll out the salaries.

Step 1 is where employees are selected on the basis of Entity Name, Department, Designation, Location and Hold Status.

Run Payroll Step 1

Step 2 is where you can review Total Days, Working Days, Overtime, NCP Days and Total Payable Amount of all the selected employees.

Run Payroll Step 2

Step 3 is the final step of the Run Payroll module where you can download the bank sheet or online payroll. And here you can also see the Salary Summary and Consultant Summary. In this step only you can Freeze the payroll for all the selected employees.

Run Payroll Step 3
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