How can I add a new user role for the hiring process in Zimyo’s ATS?

The first step to operate your ATS is to configure the settings. To configure the settings,

1. First, log into your  ATS account.

2. This will take you to the ATS Dashboard.

3. From the dashboard click on “User name”. The following dropdown will appear.

4. From the dropdown, click on “Settings/Admin”. This will take you to the following screen. 

5. This window can be used for multiple settings. In case you have opted only for ATS, then the company set up configuration needs to be done from the “Administration” option, otherwise, the structure comes from the HRMS company masters. You can also define email templates here, which can be used at each interview stage as per the requirement.

6. From here click on the “User Management” under the Permissions tab. The following screen will appear.

7. This screen will give you a clear idea of the hierarchy you’ve set for the hiring process. You can see which role is assigned to which employee or manager. If you want to add a new user to the hiring process, then click on the “Add Employee” tab from the right corner of the screen. This will take you to the following screen. 

8. Select “Internal” if you want to assign a role to an internal employee, similarly, select “external” if you want to assign a role to an external user. 

9. Then search the name of the user and assign the role by clicking on the dropdown. 

10.  Choose the role that you want to assign to your user. Then, click on submit. 

11. The user name will appear in the following list. 

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Updated on August 3, 2023
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