How to access the Team module in Zimyo HRMS?

Team Module in Zimyo HRMS is generally for particular department with specific managers who are leading the teams, There they can access their team Attendance, who Are on leave, Complete Directory of the team, who are on work from home.

Follow these steps to access the My Team module of Zimyo HRMS:
1. Login to your Zimyo HRMS account using your login credentials, this will take you to your ESS Portal. As shown below in the screen.

ESS Landing Page

3. Now click on “Other” Dropdown . It will Navigates you to the “Team” section. Where manager can review complete analytics of his/Her team.

Manager can view & download different reports such as:

  1. Time & Attendance Report
  2. Leave Balance Report
  3. All Leave Requests Report. As show below in the visual demonstration.
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Updated on July 28, 2023
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