How to configure an Overtime plan in Zimyo Payroll?

A healthy work culture’s definition includes paying the employees for their overtime or extra work. This increases the work quality and encourages the workforce for extra paid work.

Big and timely delivered projects may demand extra sweat, and to compensate them HR’s should have an OT (overtime) plan active in their payroll systems.

On Zimyo Payroll software it is very hassle-free to create an OT plan.

After you have logged in to your Zimyo Payroll software, click on the Configuration on the Navbar. This will take you to the Configuration window.

In the Configuration window click on Overtime Settings.

Fill in the below details to create a new OT plan:

  1. OT Plan Name
  2. Minimum Hours Eligible for OT.
  3. Maximum Hours Eligible for OT.
  4. Maximum OT Hours Required.
  5. Maximum OT Hours Payable.
  6. OT has to paid on which part of the salary.
  7. And the Payment Percentage.

After filling in all these details click on Submit. This will create a new OT plan which would be visible to you in the OT plans list.

You can also delete this OT plan by clicking on the Bin icon and then can create a new OT plan by following the above process.

Please refer to this for better understanding:

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Updated on July 31, 2023
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