Performance Management: Overview

How to create an appraisal cycle & set workflow for a performance review in PMS?

What is “Attribute” and how to configure it on the Zimyo Performance portal?

How to map team evaluation under the 360-degree appraisal process?

Is Employee’s login activation mandatory while conducting the review process through the portal?

How does weightage configuration work on the Zimyo Performance Portal?

What do you mean by “Structure” and its purpose on the Performance portal?

How to configure the rating scale on the Zimyo Performance portal?

Can an employee attach the documents related to their performance during the review process?

How to configure “Section or KRA” on the portal for the performance review process?

Who can check the stage or review process status of an employee in the review process?

How to map/remove the employee’s against a particular appraisal cycle for the review process?

What happens when an employee is unable to submit their self-assessment within the given time, how to set it again for the particular stage?

How to update Goals/Targets in bulk on the Zimyo Performance portal?

How can an employee submit his/her self-assessment during the appraisal process?

Can the HR Admin view an employee’s score and rating on a particular stage?

If the organization has a quarterly review process, will the HR Admin need to do the review process configuration in each quarter?

Will the employee be able to see his/her rating at different stages of the review process?

If the employee does not want to submit a self-assessment at the current moment, can he/she save it as a draft and process it later on?

What if the employee disagrees with the appraisal?

How can you activate an employee for self-assessment in the Zimyo Performance portal?

How an RM can submit a review for their subordinates or colleagues?

How can an admin get feedback from employees on the Zimyo Performance portal?

How can employee submit their response to the feedback in Zimyo Performance?

How to extend the time frame in Zimyo performance if the review is not submitted?

How to set goals for an individual in Zimyo Performance Management?

How to remove the wrongly mapped appraisal cycle of an employee in Zimyo Performance?

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Updated on February 24, 2022
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