Important slugs to add on custom made email templates to allow system to fetch the data through the used slugs.

To enable our software to fetch data dynamically from email templates, you can use slugs as placeholders within the template. These slugs should correspond to specific data fields or variables that the software can populate. For example you may use {{First_name}}, {{Last_name}} as slugs. When creating template, insert the slugs where you want the data to appear. Then, when our software generates the email, it will replace these slugs with the actual information, ensuring that each email is personalized and relevant to recipient.

Below are few list of important slugs which need to manually particularly when making custom made email templates duplicating from the system ones :-

  1. {{PROFILE_PIC}} ~ profile picture of employee uploaded on system
  2. {{company_name}} ~ Organization name set on system
  3. {{TO_NAME}} ~ Candidate names from Onboarding module
  4. {{employee_code}} ~ Employee code of employees
  5. {{JOINING_DATE}} ~ Joining date of employee in the organization
  6. {{LAST_WORKING_DAYS}} ~ Used when separating an email and the LWD set on employee’s profile and Offboarding module
  7. {{employee_email}} ~ Official email address of employee
  8. {{password}} ~ password of the login credentials that triggers to employee via SMS or email

There are many more relevant slugs which you can add from the suggestion box while creating the custom email template

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Updated on September 11, 2023
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