What if RM 1 does not respond to the request?

If an RM doesn’t respond to a request it will be automatically moved to another person who is assigned to approve the request. You can set this kind of workflow by adding another level to the “Pending” tab. To do so first log into your Zimyo account. 

This will take you to the Apps dashboard. 

2. From the Apps dashboard click on “HRMS”. This will land you on the HRMS dashboard. From the dashboard click on “Others”.  

3. A dropdown will appear. From the dropdown click on “Workflow.

4. This will take you to the workflow dashboard. You can either create a new workflow or can choose the type of workflow your want to create from the dropdown menu. 

5. If you want to create a new workflow, click on“Create New”. The following popup will appear on your screen. 

6. Fill in the required fields. And click on “Done”. Once you click on “Done”, you’ll be taken to the following screen: 

7. From here, you can choose which action you want to incorporate into your workflow. If you choose “Approval Level” you can set different approval levels for one request, if you choose “If and Else” action, you can set different permissions for the leave approval, let’s say if an employee applies for a compensatory leave, then you can choose who will be the approver, & if they choose an earned leave, then again you can choose someone else as an approver. You can also choose “Notify Level” where the person will not be able to take any action, he’ll only be notified. 

8. You can choose your actions and fill in the required details. For e.g. If I am choosing “Approval Level”, the following fields will appear on your screen. 

9. Click on “Add Approver”. The following popup will appear: 

10. Fill in the required fields and click on done. You can choose multiple approvers for one request. Let’s say if a leave request has been approved by the HOD or RM level 1, then you can assign it to another RM or another person to approve. You can set multiple levels for approvals. 

11. If an RM does not respond to the request then click on the Plus sign (+) below the pending branch. And you can add as many approvers as you like. You can follow the same steps in case if someone rejects the request. Once your workflow is created, you can also decide which workflow is applicable to which department/designation/location or even an employee. 

11. You can do so by clicking on the “Settings” tab on the top of the screen. 

12. This will take you to the following screen. Fill in the required fields and click on the “Publish” tab on the top right side of the screen. 

13. Your workflow will be successfully published. You can create different types of workflows using the same steps. 

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