Late Arrival report and its significance

Late arrival report can be significant as it helps track and manage Attendance, punctuality, and productivity. It provides insight into patterns of tardiness, allowing employers to address potential issues, improve scheduling, and ensure a productive work environment.

In Zimyo, Late arrival report can be downloaded through the path mentioned below :-

Login to the admin portal

Go to Dashboard and then Attendance dashboard

Scroll down to Employees Late Arrival, there you can choose and download the excel sheet of accordingly

Late Arrival report is fetched with the data to maintain the exact accuracy which means regardless of the late penalty configuration, if any employee is late by even seconds the data will be captured 
For example if 3 employee’s shift starts from 10:30 and have punched at 10:30 itself but still is reflecting on the late arrival report, it is because the punches were done after few seconds like 33 seconds as an instance
As a work around you may simply ignore such employees where the difference is only within seconds, and to verify the same you may download the Biometric raw data report to check the exact punch timings. PFA attached 

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Updated on August 29, 2023
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